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L-ISA Playback Suite

The L‑ISA Playback Suite provides the equipment required to experience BluBubbles in an L‑ISA Certified Installation using loudspeakers and amplification from any manufacturer. The suite consists of the L‑ISA Player, Player App and the L‑ISA Bubble Deck.

L-ISA Player

The L‑ISA Player is a multichannel storage and playback unit that leverages the latest technologies to deliver the exceptional audio quality and content available in the Bubbles gallery. The Player is controlled with a dedicated hardware remote, the Bubble Deck and the intuitive Player App.

Bubble Deck

The Bubble Deck is a Bubble showcase that initiates playback and control. Simply place a Bubble on the Bubble Deck to start the music. Buttons on the deck allow stop, start and skip to the next or previous piece and the wireless volume control is always close at hand.