Moscow Musical Theatre — Moscow, Russia

Project Description

Since it was founded in 2012, the Moscow Musical Theatre has earned a considerable reputation for its original productions and unusual approaches to classic stories. Just in time for the 2018/2019 season, the Musical Theatre has made a new home for itself in the remodelled and refurbished Rossiya Theatre on Moscow’s famous Pushkinskaya Square – one of the most frequented squares in the world. The Theatre’s repertoire ranges from a rock opera production of Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, to a fusion of circus performance with operetta and musical genres in The Circus Princess, and a retelling of Cinderella for a more mature audience. Its ambitious and creative stagecraft, under the guidance of Artistic Director Mikhail Shvydkoy, draws international audiences and A-List artists.

Sound Design Solution

The Moscow Musical Theatre’s L-ISA installation comprises five hangs of nine Kiva II ultra-compact modular line source elements across the stage to create the main L-ISA Scene system. That is augmented by an Extension system, consisting of two hangs of six Kiva II. Low frequencies are handled by two hangs of three SB18 subs flown either side of the central Kiva II hang. Two X12 multi-purpose coaxial enclosures stacked stage left and right provide outfill, whilst eight ultra-compact 5XT evenly distributed across the stage lip handle front fill. Amplification is via ten LA4X and two LA12X amplified controllers.

Technical Information

Audio involving playback and live sources.

TypeTheatre, 1800 people
Venue60 x 50 meters
Stage60 meters wide

Sound Design Target

Music and visual content were creating from scratch, with the aim of delivering an immersive sound design, including overheads, and provide an orchestral music that would retain its spatial qualities for all seats.

L-ISA Coverage

Strong Imaging

Weak Imaging

“L-ISA technology will allow us to continue to surprise, impress, and delight our audience.”

— Maria Lenarskaya, Head of Sound at Moscow Musical Theatre