Molécule — Rex Club, Paris, France

Molécule recording his latest album -22.7° C in Greenland (photo: Vincent Bonnemazou)

Project Description

Romain Delahaye, aka Molécule, is an electronic music producer acclaimed by many leading DJs. He specializes in music created entirely in-situ, no matter how harsh the conditions. Behind this quest lies a clear and challenging goal: to take electronic music into a new sound dimension. In fact, all the sounds on his latest album, -22.7° C were recorded during a five-week stay in a small fishing village in Greenland. But Molécule doesn’t stop there: he has taken on the technical challenge of transposing the sounds of these harsh environments to live mix concerts. This involves leveraging experiential technologies and imaginative show design to achieve a sense of immersion. For the audience, it might mean presenting the show in an igloo at temperatures below zero to recreate the album’s recording conditions, or else in complete darkness to sharpen their sense of hearing. Romain and his sound engineer Hervé Déjardin, who also works at Radio France and specializes in immersive audio wanted a solution that could represent his compositions accurately and in minute detail in a live setting that would be fully spatialized to create a genuine sense of being enveloped by the music and the mood.

Sound Design Solution

Molécule’s first live mix using L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal technology was at the landmark Parisian electronic music venue, the Rex Club. An 11.1 immersive configuration of Syva colinear speakers, was designed to provide uniform coverage and ultra-precise spatialization. The 140° vertical directivity of the Syva speakers was an obvious asset for the deployment of L-ISA in a relatively confined space. Very prevalent in Molécule’s compositions, the bass frequencies were reproduced via two Syva Low speakers, and the infrabass frequencies via four KS28 subwoofers positioned throughout the venue. The entire Syva system was amplified via LA4X amplified controllers; with the KS28 subwoofers powered by an LA12X. The optimal listening area created with L-ISA allowed the artists to dispense with stage monitors since the duo positioned themselves in the middle of the audience so that they too could benefit from their set’s immersive experience.

Technical Information

Venue25m deep x 11m wide


Max trim height2.5m (above floor)

Sound Design Target

Program typeEDM
SPL max average>= 102 dBA
SPL profile6-10 dB
Frequency contour10-14 dB (@ 100hz)
Frequency contour14-16 dB (@ 40hz)

L-ISA Coverage

Strong Imaging

Weak Imaging

“Using L-ISA technology added a new immersive dimension to my work; the audience had to leave their usual points of reference at the door. With no technical worries, we were able to simply enjoy playing. In the end, our set, initially scheduled for 55 minutes, lasted an hour and 40 minutes. We were the first to engage in this kind of sonic experiment.”

— Molécule (Romain Delahaye), electronic musician and producer