The Lab at Panorama Festival – New York

L-ISA Coverage
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Project Description

Immersive Experience in the The Lab at Panorama Festival in New York

Sound Design Solution

The L‑ISA design solution is based upon a 360° surrounding and enveloping speaker system.

Three layers of groups/speakers consisting of:

  • lower layer of 8 groups of 4 Kiva II plus 16 5XT Near-Fills
  • mid layer of 8 X12
  • upper layer of 6 X12
  • a peak “Voice of God” speaker group of 6 Kiva II
  • 24 SB28 subs in 6 groups of 4

In preparation for this event the composers visited our Mixing Room in Westlake to prepare the content for the show.

With the help of Carlos Mosquera – L‑ISA applications engineer – they mixed the content on a scaled down mockup of the dome system. Thanks to the object based mixing approach the mix translated perfectly to the larger system at the festival dome.

Technical Information

A dome with 400 people seated on beanbags immersed in a massive 360° virtual-reality theater.

Dome diameter approx. 30 meters
Dome height approx. 15 meters

Sound Design Target

Program typeCreative/Immersive
SPL max average >= 102 dBA
SPL profile 1 dB / 10 m
Frequency contour 10 – 16 dB (@ 100Hz)