L‑ISA empowers the presentation of sound as a multidimensional art. The technology is enabled by a comprehensive hardware and software ecosystem that adds new tools: the L‑ISA Processor and the L‑ISA Controller; to the familiar performance and reliability of L‑Acoustics loudspeakers, amplified controllers and prediction and control software.

L-ISA Processor

Spatial Audio Processing

L‑ISA research and development included extensive simulation, prototyping, and listening that yielded three proprietary algorithms to establish direct spatial connections between objects and sound for all audience scales.

A proprietary room engine complements existing room acoustics by spreading diffuse energy to more naturally enhance acoustics while automatically maintaining direct sound precedence control (patent pending) to ensure precise localization for the entire audience.

L-ISA Controller

The L‑ISA Controller is an integrated software suite that serves as the hub for all L‑ISA functionality. The controller enables object-based mixing along with comprehensive control and programming capabilities in a single platform.

Object-based Mixing

The L‑ISA Controller offers positioning, manipulation, movement and visualization of all sound objects in the 3D mixing space for both Windows® and Mac OS® environments. Control information for selected parameters (pan, width, distance, elevation and aux send) is then transmitted to the processor for each sound object.


The L‑ISA Controller provides a powerful control gateway for each source parameter. Control workflow can be customized by choosing between integrated snapshots, the L‑ISA Source Control Plugin or a wide range of 3rd party software and hardware devices via the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol. L‑ISA Desk Link1 and the L‑ISA Source Control Plugin2 can additionally integrate all source controls into the familiarity of a mixing console, allowing engineers to access L‑ISA as an integrated element of their existing workflow.

1 available on DiGiCo SD Series consoles
2 available soon on Avid S6L consoles


The powerful snapshot engine in the L‑ISA Controller can support a wide range of programming options: multiple snapshots can be edited in absolute or relative mode to accelerate programming; snapshots can be used in combination with groups to create multiple simultaneous trajectories; and snapshots can be triggered with MidiProgramChange or Midi Time Code (MTC). The DAW compatible L‑ISA Source Control Plugin is available in many formats to further expand trajectory programming capabilities.

L-ISA Technology Partners

The L-ISA ecosystem is a rapidly expanding universe of high-profile partners that have adopted the technology, allowing sound professionals to use L-ISA in the environments with which they are already familiar, from digital audio workstations to mixing consoles or tracking systems.