Loudspeaker Configurations

The loudspeaker configuration is a critical component in delivering an optimized multidimensional experience. The sound objectives of the production, the program material and the venue all play crucial roles in defining the system design for any application. L‑Acoustics’ Soundvision software is the only system design tool that can simulate and quantify the spatial qualities of a design.

Hyperreal Sound

If the primary production objectives are to expand the audio panorama and provide realistic localization for a live performance, a system that supports Hyperreal Sound is the right solution. Unlike a traditional stereo layout, L‑ISA Hyperreal Sound is based on a horizontal arrangement of loudspeaker arrays that are distributed across – and often beyond – the full width of the stage. This Frontal configuration relies on overlapping coverage so that as much audience as possible hears all the arrays. A Frontal System consists of three systems: the Scene System, subwoofers and the Extension System.

L-ISA Focus L-ISA Focus
L-ISA Wide L-ISA Wide

Scene System

A high-resolution scene system is an arrangement of speaker arrays that match the width of the performing zone. The scene system allows for the accurate localization and separation of sound sources and tracking of performers. The recommended scene system will vary for differing content. An L‑ISA Wide scene design uses identical, evenly spaced arrays to support most content including jazz, classical, spoken word and contemporary. An LISA Focus (patent pending) scene design uses different system dimensioning and placement to reproduce rock and electronic music with high LF contour requirements.


A central subwoofer configuration is recommended to maximize the consistency of sub-low frequency response and sound pressure level throughout the audience area.

Extension System

Optional Extension loudspeaker arrays expand the soundscape as far as the side walls of the venue, exaggerating the width of the sonic panorama, improving envelopment and reinforcing the hyperreal experience.

Immersive Hyperreal Sound

A completely immersive live production requires an Immersive Hyperreal Sound configuration. Overhead and surround loudspeakers will be deployed above and around the audience area to augment the Frontal System.

For projects that go beyond the convention of a frontal performance zone, a customized solution will be developed using L‑Acoustics’ Soundvision design and qualification software tool. 

Design Qualification

Seven different parameters can be continuously optimized to contribute to a project score that ultimately ensures achievement of design requirements. These include:

Coverage Performance – scored according to SPL Max, SPL Distribution and Time
Hyperrealism – scored according to Spatial Resolution and Horizontal and Vertical Localization
Immersion – scored for Panorama and Envelopment