Live Sound

L‑ISA technology enables artists and productions to deliver new multidimensional sound experiences to audiences of all sizes, heightening the sense of proximity and deepening connections between artist and audience.

The technology offers a new creative palette to artists and their teams. Whether seeking expansive realism or unbridled imagination, the sonic possibilities are unprecedented and infinite.

L‑ISA dramatically increases loudspeaker resolution to provide a natural and intelligible soundscape that expands panorama and elevates realism. We call this experience Hyperreal Sound.

L‑ISA can further immerse the listener with sound from all directions to provide a sense of being inside the music. This is Immersive Hyperreal Sound.

Our Approach

For Live Sound applications L‑ISA offers an integrated workflow from show design through live production. L‑ISA technology encompasses new sound design methods, powerful hardware, revolutionary software and an intuitive 3D mixing environment.


L‑ISA technology is enabled by a comprehensive hardware and software ecosystem that adds new tools: the L‑ISA Processor and the L‑ISA Controller; to the familiar performance and reliability of L-Acoustics loudspeakers, amplified controllers and prediction and control software.

Loudspeaker Configurations

The loudspeaker configuration is a critical component in delivering an optimized multidimensional experience. The sound objectives of the production, the program material and the venue all play crucial roles in defining the system design for any application.

Multidimensional Mixing

L‑ISA offers an extraordinarily intuitive 3D mixing environment that makes the process of multidimensional mixing straightforward. An object-based mix enables sources to be localized, scaled and moved to their actual location or wherever the imagination desires.

Featured Projects

L‑ISA has delighted over 5 million spectators to date including concert tours, live events, exhibits, museums, theme parks, cinematic experiences, and performance venues.