L‑Acoustics has always been driven to elevate the sonic experience for both the audience and the artist, engaging the two in a powerful shared experience.

In early years, the live sound experience was limited by tangible challenges like the inability to hear the show. As the industry evolved and systems improved the scope of those challenges expanded to include improving intelligibility, consistency, clarity and impact.

Today, massive arena tours and music festivals are made possible thanks to the line source array pioneered in the early 1990s by L‑Acoustics and adopted unanimously as the industry state of the art for loudspeaker deployment.

What next?

In concert and at home, modern day stereo deployments ensure that sound reaches the listener effectively yet fall short in terms of creating authentic engagement. Music is fundamentally a multidimensional art form. Stereo mixes flatten this rich, multi-source experience and physically disconnect the sound from the art, making it difficult to enjoy the experience and truly connect with the artist.

This is about to change.