The Ultimate Expression of Sound

The natural experience of sound is immersive, encompassing the listener with the perception of audio from all directions. The experience of live and recorded sound has lacked these spatial qualities – until now.

L-ISA technology enables artists to create and deliver new multidimensional sound experiences for live and recorded productions. This comprehensive ecosystem of audio tools provides an extremely natural and vivid experience that heightens emotion and invites the listener inside the music.

We call this Immersive Hyperreal Sound.


Now Playing & Coming Soon

Moving to Mars

Design Museum

October 2019 - February 2020


Immersive Hyperreal Sound



Blue Man Group

12 September 2019 - 7 June 2020


Immersive Hyperreal Sound


Live Sound

L-ISA technology combines powerful processing hardware, revolutionary software, and new sound design methods to enable multidimensional mixing and room enhancement that break the creative boundaries of conventional sound reinforcement and deliver unforgettable experiences.

Sound Spaces

Immersive Sound Spaces represents the ultimate expression of music and sound reproduction. L-ISA recordings genuinely capture and transport nuance and meaning, dynamics and depth. Nothing is lost. A once ephemeral work of art is exquisitely preserved.